Agfa updates Apogee prepress workflow

Agfa has released Apogee 9.1, the latest update to its prepress workflow. This improves the handling of wide format print jobs with support for hot tickets and template-based production as well as improved job merging, which allows different orders to be combined as one print job to reduce wastage and cut down on material costs. Agfa claims that these improvements as a whole should reduce the need for manual intervention.

The new release also features improved imposition for web presses. Apogee includes its own Impose module, which now gains automatic bleed generation and better support for perfector presses thanks to the full support for slow down rollers.

Agfa has also beefed up its approach to printed proofs with support for on-the-fly page proofing as well as for the ISO12647/2:2013 and ISO 13655 standards. In addition, there’s a new easy-upload feature for Apogee’s browser-based WebApproval that allows users to drag and drop new PDF pages to a specific job and to then assign them to the correct page slots.

Apogee 9.1 is available now. You can try this link – Apogee – for more information.

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