Agfa launches new violet plates and clean out unit

Agfa has announced a new violet plate for the newspaper market, the N95-VCF. Agfa says that it offers better performance on press and longer run lengths up to 300,000 sheets, dependent on the press conditions. It also supports UV ink printing. The image contrast has been improved for easier plate inspection and optical recognition by punch & bending equipment.

Agfa has also updated its Attiro clean out unit with a new faster VHS version. This can handle up to 3 m/min, fast enough to keep up with platesetters imaging up to 400 plates per hour, such as Agfa’s Advantage N-TR VHS.

Both the Attiro and Attiro VHS use a cascade design concept, with the unit split into three sections that allows concentrated gum to cascade from the third section into the second and then the first, cutting down on the amount of gum needed.

Agfa estimates that both the Attiro units should clear 8,000 sqm before needing a full maintenance.

Both the N95-VCF and the Attiro VHS unit should be available early 2016.

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