Agfa develops cutting table

Agfa Graphics has launched a wide format cutting plotter, the Acorta, to complement its range of printers.

It’s a highly automated table that can cut at up to 102 m/min with minimum operator intervention. There are 40 vacuum zones that are automatically activated where and when needed.

It has an auto recognition system that can automatically locate the printed objects and the position of the reference points on the cutting table, as well as the substrate’s height so that there’s no need to manually set-up the job parameters.

Dominiek Arnout, vice president for inkjet at Agfa Graphics, explained: “We are developing and all-integrated approach in which our customers can add an extra in-house finishing step, all driven from Asanti.  Rendering, printing and cutting in one workflow allows them to be more productive, more efficient suppliers with a higher return on investment for their business.”

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