Agfa announces platesetter for newspapers

Agfa has launched a new violet light platesetter, the Advantage N-TR HS platesetter, which is aimed at high-volume newspaper printers.

Agfa claims that this can produce up to 350 plates per hour, and that this will allow newspaper publishers to replace multiple, slower CtP engines with this new model. This would also lead to lower labour cost for cleaning and refill and takes up less floor space.

It comes with a trolley to transport plates from a safelight environment to the CtP imager. Agfa notes that this makes it easier to load the plates in a separate yellow safelight environment if they cannot switch to yellow safelight in the room where the CtP device is installed. The Advantage N-TR HS will be shipping at the end of 2014.

Agfa has also launched Attiro, a high-speed clean-out unit for the N94-VCF violet chemistry-free plates. It comprises three small gum sections to clean-out N94-VCF printing plates. The concentrated gum is effectively reused as it cascades from the third section to the second and then to the first. The result: minimal gum consumption for a maximal clean-out effect.

According to Agfa, this should double the bath life reduce the gum usage by 75 percent and cut maintenance in half.

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