Adobe updates Digital Publishing Solution

Adobe has announced its new Digital Publishing Solution, which is essentially an update to the Digital Publishing Suite but targeted at developing mobile apps. It mainly seems to be used by corporates for in-house or branded magazines, and allows content to be easily repurposed without having to actually code anything.

The main new feature seems to be the ability to push fresh content directly to the app. The solution integrates with other content management systems, such as Drupal and WordPress, and HTML design tools from Adobe and others, all while still supporting InDesign CC based workflows. It also includes push notifications; in-app messaging; intuitive search and content discovery; and social network integration.

It uses Adobe Analytics to capture both online and offline data, and deliver retention analysis and acquisition tracking.

It also comes with a new enterprise-level accounts control system that allows. organisers to assign permissions to each person involved in the app creation process, both employees and outside agencies.

It’s available either as a standalone product or as an add-on component for Creative Cloud enterprise or as part of Adobe Experience Manager Apps, though Adobe hasn’t released any pricing details. Existing Adobe Digital Publishing Suite customers can use it as part of their current license agreements and there’s a 30-day trial here.

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